Salmon Lake Park
Grapeland, TX
Frequently Asked Questions!
1. Do you allow Rv Rally's in your Park?
Yes!  We are happy to host your R.V. Rally!

2. How many rigs will your park hold?
Salmon Lake Park can accomodate 500 rigs!

3. Do you have an enclosed rally hall and if so how many people will it hold?
We have 5 halls that host 40 to 200 people!

4. During a rally, would we have sole use of the rally hall?
Yes!  Your rally will be the only group in the hall.

5. What is the price for your sites?
$25.00 per night for a 30 AMP & $30.00 per night for a 50 AMP.

6. Do you give discount rates for rally participants?

7. Do you allow rallies over Holiday Weekends?

8. What are your spaces like?  Concrete slab, drive through, etc.
 Out grounds are grass and we have plenty of drive through's!

9. Do you have full hookups, 30/50 amps, sewer, water and cable?
We have both 30/50 amp full hookups with sewerand water, but NO cable.

10. What is your cancellation policy?
We require a 2 week notice for cancellations.

11. Do you have a minimum number of rigs required before access to the rally hall?
    Yes.  You must have at least 10 rigs in order to receive the building free.
     If less than 10   rigs, the rally hall will cost $25.00

12. Will a deposit be required for the rally hall?
No.  A deposit will not be required when you book.  We will book your club and
      mail a confirmation letter to the Wagon Master. We just need your name, address
      and telephone number!

13. How much advance notice do you need to schedule a rally?
We would like for you to schedule ASAP so that we can accomodate everyone!